“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time” - Anonymous

Advertising is the most important tool in the marketing of products and services. The expenses on advertising are considered to be a profitable investment that reaps profits both in the long and short run. Businesses that keep on advertising regardless of rise or fall in the economic times get a competitive advantage over those that cut their ad budgets. 

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The reunion was great and it went as planned. This was most definitely the biggest crowd we have had.  Also every age group was strongly recognized during the event. Over the two days between 1600 to 2000 people came out. The Soul Pitt  definitely proved to be instrumental and useful in getting vendors and participants in the event.  We definitely look forward to working with you all in the future.  Next year expect the event to be even bigger since we will have more than the two months we had to work with this year for planning.
- A. Golden, Black Family Reunion 2006 at Mellon Park

I want to thank you for sending the e-blast for tickets to preview movies.  My mom and I enjoy the passes and use it as a nice time out.  Also, getting the passes is a GREAT way to become more familiar with African American businesses in town.  I just came from The Mighty Dog and bought lunch as well.  Thank you for all you do and please keep me on your e-lists as I appreciate being informed and the treats (like the movie passes) that you often offer.  Sincerely, Sheila B

Congratulations Donna!

To those of you that don t already know Donna, the Web Mistress from The Soul Pitt you better ask somebody! Donna has created a extraordinary soulful website that has allowed ethnic entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their business in a professional manner.

Her graphics are fresh, original, unique and eye-catching. They are not to be compared with her competitors. She has allowed the startup business man an opportunity to market themselves as well as the established business owner. How often are you given an opportunity to have a graphics artist create your marketing material and promote it as well on their website for thousands of people to view it. Only on The Soul Pitt.

She has also become a valuable resource for people to access when they want to know what s going on in and around Pittsburgh and the surrounding cities. I hate to limit her skills by just naming so few of the many options given, check out thesoulpitt.com for yourself and you ll become addicted.

Donna has received several awards in turn for her humanitarianism and skill. Her most recent award is for The Best Website in the East USA and she deserves it. The impact this website has made on Pittsburghers and those traveling from abroad is overwhelming. You have to give Donna her props, she has taken a hobby and turned it into a full time job. Donna s unselfish passions for our people, has driven her to use her spare time and skills to commit to promoting the Pittsburgh s soulful community in a professional, classy and skillful way. I admire and thank you for that.

Pittsburgh, we should embrace Donna. Originally from Johnstown, she didn t have to come our way, but she did. Thank God! Keep her in you prayers, give her a shout out, shoot her a quick e-mail. Let's show love, in appreciation for all she has done for us.

Thanks DONNA and congratulations for all your accomplishments. All that you ve done and all that you intend to do. Thank you for choosing to be apart of the solution. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

Sincerely, Your #1 Fan

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